A   Non-Expert's   Page   of   Poems

First, let me disabuse you of any notion that I am an expert in poetry. I am not! I do have more than a passing interest in it, though, hence the existence of this page.

This page is dedicated to the 'part-time' poet and dreamers out there who write something now and then, mostly for fun. If you have some old (or new!) poetry that you don't mind sharing with the rest of us, then please send them in. You'll be able to see them here, with full credits to the author, of course!

Hopefully, there'll be more here than the couple that I've made up myself!


Monomer's Mission by Al Kam
Heh, well this is a short poem that I thought up for a character I once had in a role-playing game.
Ode to a Guardian Angel by Al Kam
Don't ask! I'm at risk just admitting I wrote this! :)

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None here yet. Suggestions welcome.

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